Our children's world shall be joyful and colourful. A place where they can play and laugh, gaining confidence as they learn about the world. Disana aims to help children feel safe, comfortable and loved with organic, timeless and durable clothing. Their organic kids clothes are free of harmful chemicals and have careful cuts that support your child’s urge to move instead of constricting them. With excellent quality, their garments can be worn for a long time and you’re guaranteed styles that stand the test of time — always remaining trendy! 

With a vast collection of merino wool nappies, pants, booties, sleeping bags and muslin cloths, you can find all of your essentials by shopping the complete collection below. Whether your little one is lying down, crawling or taking their first steps, they'll be kept warm and comfortable. Disana's minimal yet colourful clothing is also simple to handwash, whilst their garments are easy to wipe clean.