Pure and kind. Hvid sprung from the heart of Caroline Camerlynck. "Hvid strives for timeless, sustainable and down to earth baby/children essentials." With designs that are sensitive, comfortable and timeless, Camerlynck's search for warmth and softness has seen her create countless delicate textiles that comfort you and your baby in so many ways. 

Elves in the Wardrobe is proud to share with you Hvid's many soft knitted goods, including blankets, teddies, booties and bonnets. The entire Hvid textile collection is made in Belgium by craftsmen who take pride in producing something beautiful and sustainable. The textiles bring a luxurious softness into your family's daily life. Caroline’s knitting factory is just 30 minutes from where she lives, whilst every item is finished in her workshop at home. Hvid's knitwear is not only kind to the environment but designed to be cherished and wearable in all seasons. The exceptionally soft wool will ensure your child remains warm and snug on cold days. On those particularly hot days, the wool will absorb the moisture from the atmosphere to keep your baby cool.

You can discover Hvid's beautiful and sustainable baby clothes below.