Little Hedonist

Little Hedonist is a 100% dutch label and our products are based on the thought that baby- and toddler clothes can be of great comfort and be fashionable at the same time.

With minimalistic design, fantastic fit and the best organic quality in fabric, Little Hedonist creates beautiful  everyday essentials that are a must-have in all children’s closets, items that upgrade the wardrobe even if they are basics.

Clothes that last so the environment will last as well.

Using organic materials, of course and also recycled materials. consume, use and Since we all have children that we buy clothes for, we need to keep in mind that the world is changing and needs awareness to not destroy it.

Think of the climate changes for instance. We love our children so we should also love the world they live in. So they also have a great world to live in when they grow older, and have children of their own.

We encourage buyers, stores, consumers to buy sustainable like we are. To pay maybe a bit more for something that lasts longer. To be aware of the future.

Cause our children are the future!

Let’s contribute to keep the world a good place.