June 28, 2016

About the Feeling of Organic Clothing

By Verena Barthel

There is one downside to having an ONLINE SHOP for organic baby and kids clothing. You are not able to touch all these amazing outfits when you buy them. So have you ever FELT organic clothing, no I mean REALLY felt it? If you had felt organic clothing you would know what I am talking about and you would be sitting there nodding your head in agreement right now. And yes this post is going to be all about the softness of organic cotton clothing. So for starters, if you are out and about right now and have never felt organic cotton, quickly find your nearest store that sells organic clothing or come to my monthly Bellingen- and Yamba Markets and go feel some. You won't regret it I promise! They all feel fantastic but I do have to admit, I have a favourite brand in my shop when it comes down to the feel and snuggly-ness: Leela Cotton. I love just getting the organic clothing out of the boxes every time I am doing the markets: 


My boys have a mixture of clothing. It is either 100% Cotton Oeko-tex or Organic. On days like today when they are wearing there organic leggings and shirts, I seriously cannot get enough of cuddling them. And even my husbands with his carpenter hands agrees how nice everything feels. So why is organic cotton softer you ask? Cotton is known as one of the softest, most comfortable fabrics but unfortunately, it's also one of the most heavily chemically treated crops in the world. Those chemicals change the make-up of the cotton, penetrating and harming the fibers that make the fabric so soft. Organic cotton is cotton in its most pure form, using the raw fibers as they were intended by nature; this is why organic clothing is so much softer than non-organic cotton. Makes sense... Go: https://www.elves-in-the-wardrobe.com.au/ and shop organic clothing now! Get yourself some soft goodness and have some more snuggle time with your little ones.