August 25, 2016

Dressing Organic for Springtime Fun + Our Secret Damper on a Stick

By Verena Barthel
Dressing Organic for Springtime Fun + Our Secret Damper on a Stick

The days are slowly getting longer and warmer. Springtime is just around the corner and our entire family is longing for the extra bit of outside playtime that comes along with the change of season.

As a mother of two wild boys, who absolutely adore the outdoors, I am faced with the challenge - or in my case pleasure - of dressing them for their daily outdoor adventures. I am always on the lookout for sturdy, yet soft and comfortable clothes for my active boys. Shopping in the generic stores here in Australia can definitely make this challenging. I know that I am not alone, which is one of the many reasons that I started Elves in the Wardrobe.

Organic clothes for springtime fun

The organic clothes that we sell are all built to last. They are made of beautiful, high quality materials such as cotton, so that they are beautifully soft and do not fall apart when my kids do what kids do best – play! We also hand pick brands and clothes that are fun, like the little ones that will be wearing them. I am always on the lookout for bright, quirky patterns that can keep up with and further the wild imaginations of our little ones.

Investing in organic kid’s clothes, that I know will last and be able to keep up with my boys is vital.

I know just how important free outside play is for my children, as it allows them to utilize their abundant energy in a very active, grounding & creative way, rather than a noisy, self-destructive & hyperactive output. On top of this, outdoor play also plays a huge role in strengthening their immune system, especially as the seasons change and their bodies adapt to the environment around them.



Dressing for the seasons

The seasons play a huge role in how I go about dressing my boys in their organic outfits and if you’re your children are anything like mine, the season does not affect their desire to play outdoors. Because Knoa, my youngest, loves running around barefoot all year round I am constantly trying to make sure that he is dressed appropriately for the climate. The last thing any of us want is for our little ones to catch a cold because they didn’t have enough layers. If you are in need of some layering advice take a look here

As much as my boys like to climb trees, ride their bikes, fight with sticks against dragons or each other, shoot rockets into space, there is something else they love even more - having a bonfire!

No birthday celebration in our family is complete without a fire.

There is something very special about being outside, watching the sun going down, while warming ourselves by the fire and making some delicious food.

It is usually simple foods that my boys enjoy the most. Trying to steer away from sugary marshmallows, I take inspiration from my own childhood in Germany. We would always make the most delicious dampers on sticks and toast them over the fire.

I have introduced this little ritual to our family and hope that you will too!

Damper RecipeDamper Recipe

Damper on a Stick Recipe


400g spelt flour

1 bag dry yeast

1 tbsp sugar

300ml warm milk

½ tsp salt

2 tbsp olive oil


Preparation time: 20 min. Rising time 1 hour

- Mix all ingredients until smooth, either by hand or with an electric mixer

- Rest dough for approx. 1 hr in a warm place
- Separate dough into 12 pieces and form approx. 20cm long snakes to go around to end of a stick

- Dough is ready to be cooked on the fire (takes about 20 min)

Damper can be eaten with butter, jam, honey or vegemite. Enjoy!