November 14, 2016

Elves in the Wardrobe Go to the Beach

By Verena Barthel
Elves in the Wardrobe Go to the Beach

As temperatures rise here in Australia and the big summer holidays creep closer, outside adventures, trips & activities have started to become one of my motherly priorities. So too has finding the most appropriate, organic swimwear.

Going to the beach after you have kids, is definitely less relaxing than it once was.

A good book, maybe a nap, a nice relaxing walk along the beach and possibly even a cold drink… ring any bells?

Now it is more of a military operation requiring very strategic planning and preparation. However, given that we live so close to Australian’s lush east coast beaches, we have more or less got our beach trips down to a fine art now.

Here are some useful hints & tips from us here at Elves in the Wardrobe to make your next beach trip smooth as possible, even if you don’t get a nap or time to read!

1. Put sunscreen on before you go out – that way you won’t be trying to apply it to a kid who is dancing about trying to get in the water, and they won’t get sand stuck to them as it will be dry by the time you arrive. It’s a really good idea to invest in a proper outfit to protect delicate skin. Organic swimwear is by far our favourite! We love the Smafolk Swimsuit Apples as it covers almost the whole body and it very easy & fast to get your little ones dressed in.

Organic Swimwear

2.Equally as important is the hat wear for every family member! Especially with Australian’s harsh sun conditions, children should never leave the house without a proper sun hat. Perfect for the beach are the organic Smafolk sun / beach hats with Apples, as they not only cover all the highly exposed areas but also is made of the same UV protective material as the swimsuit and can get wet!

Organic Baby Hat 

3. Bring some shade! You can get some really lightweight and easy to fold pop up tents, perfect for naps in the shade and for keeping your little ones and drinks cool too. Especially if you don’t want to lug a cool box about with you! Check out these great options!

4. If you’ve got smaller kids, a travel potty can make the day a lot easier than trekking to the nearest public loo (if there is one!) and having to take all the kids with you too.

5. Bring two towels for each person plus a change of organic clothes kept in a separate bag. This way they won’t end up all sandy by the time you come to put them on at the end of the day. You can then stick the wet sun suits and towels into these bags to take home to wash! Dressing gowns can also be a godsend for shivery just-out-of-the-water kids who still want to play but can’t keep a towel wrapped around them!

6. Buckets and spades are wonderful but help your kids find other things to play, explore and build with. Shells, seaweed, rocks, cuttlefish… so many things to learn and discover.

7. Talcum powder is the best way to ‘de-sand’ the kids, sprinkle it on liberally and then just brush the sand off with no complaints!

8. Healthy snacks & drinks that provide good hydration, are light, easy to make & digest AND fill up their tummies. These are some of our favourite!

9. Most of all, enjoy it!