February 05, 2017

Elves in the Wardrobe Product Review

By Verena Barthel
Elves in the Wardrobe Product Review

No buyers guilt here! Both my son and I love his organic Ubang tee from Elves in the Wardrobe.The first thing he said trying it on was, “Oh it's so soft.” The material really is very soft, much softer than non-organic fabric with chemical dyes, and even softer than some other eco kid’s clothes we have tried before.

Before deciding which one to try on Caius took his time, looking at the selection of clothes Elves in the Wardrobe displays. What he wears is important to Caius, he's got a distinct taste in clothes already, and he's only five and a half (don't forget the half, mum). Looking at the organic cotton tee with a critical eye he exclaimed, “I love the pictures on her clothes, they are different from all other clothes.”

Verena from Elves in the Wardrobe has a knack for choosing a combination of labels and styles with very unique and fun prints and patches. Shopping for clothes for Caius is rarely easy because as well as caring for looks he is very sensitive to how clothes feel on his body. Often he'll complain about rough seams, and the back of prints and patches. Not this time.

Although the s/s shirt he picked has a big tractor patch on it stretching all the way to the arm pit where the scoop's teeth extend out it felt soft against his skin. We've gotten many laughs out of it as he tries to chomp me with the tractor scoop. This organic cotton tee is soft, fun, and ethical but it's also strong. I've lost count on how many times I've washed it now, Caius has worn it a lot, he's a very active child who loves everything outdoors, climbing, bike riding, and anything involving dirt so finding clothes that last is a challenge. The shirt's seams are still straight, the collar isn't stretched, no sneaky holes and the colours are still super bright.

Best of all though is that I know I've supported a small family and not a capitalist company exploiting the earth and workers. In our modern world shopping is a political and ethical statement and this shopping experience was Buyers Power at it's best.

Sophia Hawkes, mother of Caius (5years)