November 17, 2017

Elves in the Wardrobe's Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Guide for Kids 2017

By Verena Barthel
Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Guide

And so it begins for another year – gift guide time!

Last year our Elves focused more on the wee little things that make fantastic Eco-friendly stocking fillers.

This year we have decided to take it a bit ‘more serious’ and talk real Santa Business.

Quality Eco-friendly gift ideas for kids can be hard to find. Navigating the store aisles in search of the perfect gift can be challenging. It's even harder if you're looking for natural or sustainable Eco-friendly options.

On top of all of that, we know every age brings out different favourites & likes in children, which makes it even harder to pin point “what do I buy a X year old?!”

Therefore we listed our Eco-friendly gift ideas into separate age groups to help ease the Christmas stress.

Before I get started with specific age group gift guides, let’s get festive with a focus on Christmas themed gifts:

Every year Swedish Eco kids fashion label, Duns Focus, brings out the most fantastic retro inspired Christmas collection prints, that will get your whole family into the Christmas spirit.

The Christmas tree stacking toy by family run, Crete based Eco toy business, The Wandering Workshop is another fantastic Christmas themed gift. Not only appealing to little exploring hands but will win the heart of every Eco-friendly Christmas décor enthusiast.

A Gift of Seed - A wonderful Christmas card with seeds from Sow'n Sow.

 $9.95 (Card comes with envelope)

Baby Gift Guide

Choose a unique, Eco-friendly, safe, practical and fun gift for baby this Christmas. A gift that parents will appreciate and one that can be enjoyed well beyond the baby stage.

Eco-friendly Baby Rattle/Teether Rain Drop by The Wandering Workshop. $27.95

(also available as Leave or Cloud Rattle Toy)

Little Flower Fairy Soft Toy Baby Rattle by Nanchen Natur.

$30.95 (also available in green)

Unisex, organic cotton, Australian design and absolutely gorgeous baby romper by Mad About Mini.


One-Year-Old Gift Guide

No longer a baby, a one year old is in discovery mode and keen to explore the world. Here are some one year old gift ideas with lots of practical and fun items for little ones who are into everything but still needing a lot of care and protection.

Eco-friendly wooden stacking toy "Catch the Clouds" by The Wandering Workshop.


For little explorer and the closest thing to barefoot: Soft Leather T-Bar Sandals by Wander.


Organic Cotton soft toy 'Schmuse' is the perfect little companion and makes a great first friend.

Made by Nanchen Natur $43.95 (comes in 4 different colour options)

For busy & active explorers - Organic Cotton Muslin Bloomer by Poudre Organic.

$28.95 (available in 5 colours)


Two-Year-Olds Gift Guide

Two year olds are curious bundles of energy, stubbornness and gorgeousness all rolled into one!

If you’re stuck with what to buy a toddler tornado this Christmas, here’s a little selection of fun and practical Eco-friendly, two year old gift ideas.

Ready for Action with Pull Toy Boat & Cloud by The Wandering Workshop.


For busy explorers - Swimsuit made from recycled fiber by German Eco kids fashion label loud+proud.

$58.95 (also available in coral)

A friend for life. Nanchen Natur's Organic Cotton Soft Doll Summer Girl.

$108.95 (available in green/blue)

Light, soft, airy & comfortable Linen Baggy Pants by German Eco kids fashion label Pünktchen Komma Strich.

$59.95 (also available in a rose colour)

Three Years and Up Gift Guide

The sky is the limit my friends!

So much to learn, so much to do, so many thing to experience and see.

Here we go...

Let's have some fun with our Elves in the Wardrobe Eco-friendly gift guide for happy active kids.

Friends for Life. Nanchen Natur's organic cotton soft toy pig 'Julchen'.


Childhood essential - Flower Press by Australian Eco label Sow'n Sow.


Aussie designed & made: Organic Cotton PJ's 'Fruit Salad' by G.Nancy.

Set: $58.95

We hope our gift guides make shopping for your little elves a breeze! 


Wishing you all a wonderful & stress free Christmas.

Love from Elves in the Wardrobe.