June 28, 2016

How are Organic Kids Clothes Sustainable?

By Verena Barthel
How are Organic Kids Clothes Sustainable?

When it comes to organic kids clothes, we talk a lot about sustainability. We talk about it from an environmental and ethical standpoint.It is a moral standard in clothing production that we should all meet. But when talking about kids clothes online, what does sustainability mean and what makes organic kids clothes sustainable?

Defining Sustainability

The Oxford English Dictionary defines Sustainability as able to be maintained at a certain rate or level and Conserving an ecological balance by avoiding depletion of natural resources. The original definition does not necessarily include an environmental aspect. But when it comes to production of clothing of organic kids clothes and other clothing, that is exactly what we are talking about. It is about using natural resources in a way that wont harm the planet.

Increasingly, sustainability goes beyond the environmental definition and into an ethical standpoint. This means that production of clothing and other goods is done fairly. All workers involved in the manufacturing process are paid a living wage and given decent working conditions. So when we think about organic kids clothes online, we are talking products that have been made with care to the environment and in a way that respects the basic rights of the people who made them.

How Are Our Organic Kids Clothes Sustainable?

When buying organic kids clothes online from Elves in the Wardrobe, you can rest assured that all our items meet our own standard for sustainability. All materials we use must be renewable and biodegradable. Renewable means that the source of the material can be replaced. For example, natural fibers like cotton can be replaced and keep providing material for fabric indefinitely after all it is a plant that will keep growing. This is in contrast to other natural resources like petroleum which is the base material for many synthetic clothes like nylon and polyester. Organic kids clothes will mostly be made from cotton, linen, wool and silk. Most of our kids clothes online are made from organic cotton.

Meeting Strict Rules to Be Eco-friendly

There are certain requirements that must be met in order to be sustainable. It is not enough to source fabric from renewable sources. All our kids clothes online are made from natural fibers that are grown in line with organic agricultural standards. This means without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals.


Why are Our Clothes Organic?

Our organic kids clothes are deliberately made in an organic way. We oppose the chemicals used in non-organic production which damages local ecosystems and wildlife, use a huge amount of water and produce large amounts of CO2. Standard farming techniques are very rough on the environment. That's not to mention the detrimental effect that chemically grown materials have on our own bodies.

We are also conscious of the mass production culture of non-organic clothing that exploits workers. The organic movement encourages better working conditions and respect for employees. At Elves in the Wardrobe, we are keen to do something about it, and in our own way are contributing to a positive change.