June 28, 2016

Introducing loud + proud from Germany

By Verena Barthel
Introducing loud + proud from Germany

Trying to find great kids clothes for my two boys, that are made to last, organic & have great designs turned out to be quite a challenge. German label Loud + Proud are one of my top picks.

When I finally stumbled across some children clothing brands that incorporated all of the above, it felt fantastic, especially seeing my boys in their new outfits!

So beautiful and cuddly.

Blog-Our New Children1

Now, 2 year later, back in Australia, a lot of people seem to share my passion for these clothes. Many of them kept asking me where I got them from

and if I could order some of the pieces for their children as well.

So, there it was:

A Plan to share my passion for beautiful, ethical organic children clothes from Europe with Australia:

And Elves in the Wardrobe was born, featuring my special finds

in Organic Baby & Children Clothing Brands:

Leela Cotton, loud + proud, Smafolk, Duns, Ubang

One of my favorite German Baby -& Children Clothes Label is loud + proud.

Loud + Proud Organic Clothing

Loud + Proud just got the right balance between great quality, ethical & sustainable production process, extremely cute prints and an affordable prices.

Yet, still NewBie in Australia!

Therefore I would like to officially introduce Loud + Proud to the Australian World of Online Shopping:


What is so special about loud + proud?

Since the company was founded in 2008 priority is on the combination of sustainability, fair production and a special style.

The old stereotype fortunately is obsolete nowadays. Nobody has to think about terms like scratchy, shapeless, colorless and hand wash when it comes to ecological fashion for kids.

The European clothing brand offers kids' fashion which is trendy and comfortable and at the same time stops chemicals from entering the wardrobe of the little ones.

In addition loud + proud put a lot of emphasis on production under fair conditions. Whoever has seen reports about production plants in Asia where children and adults work at the expense of their health many hours per day, under the worst labour conditions, just for stylish clothes for the western countries, would like to contribute to the change this situation. loud + proud has created the opportunity to do this as they produce all their products in Portugal, Hungary and Germany where they are able to monitor every single production step.


Organic and style can this be united?

Absolutely: yes!

The company favorite colors like loud pink, vibrant turquoise, bright green, sky-blue and deep red are dyed without using dangerous chemicals.
The fabrics are soft and cosy whether it is jersey, velours, corduroy or fleece only organic cotton gets used.

Children move a lot and they should feel good in their clothes. Styles and designs are fresh, comfortable, cheerful, functional and child-orientated.


Who stands behind loud + proud?

Designer Barbara Schsselbauer is a mother of two and knows about parents' requirements concerning baby- and kid's fashion.

She has experienced herself how difficult it is to buy baby clothes that fulfill criteria like design, comfort, organic and sustainable production.

She expresses her touch with nature also in her prints: Penguins, whales, hippos, elephants and many others appear in bright colors.

Barbara puts a lot of emphasis on sustainable production under fair labour conditions. She is visiting suppliers in Germany and Portugal regularly to make sure that loud + proud continues to make

a contribution to a sustainable approach to man and nature.

And last but not least: The Prices are still affordable:










In an nutshell:

We love loud+proud and are very happy to share our love with you!