February 22, 2017

Loud+Proud at Life InStyle for kids in Sydney

By Verena Barthel
Loud+Proud at Life InStyle for kids in Sydney

Being an agent for our most loved, but new to the Australia, German Eco fashion brand loud+proud has presented an exciting opportunity for Elves in the Wardrobe.For me, this has meant going above and beyond ‘normal agent ways’ of phone calls, emails and drop in visits.

We wanted to take loud+proud to a place where trendy, stylish & exclusive meets the retail market.

With this is mind, our Elves in the Wardrobe team packed our bags and travelled to Life InStyle for kids in Sydney. For four exciting days, we participated as an exhibitor for organic wholesale clothing with loud+proud.

Life In Style Sydney

Because I absolutely adore every aspect of this German Eco fashion company, it has been an easy decision to take on the role as an Australian agent for loud+proud.

As a retailer, I only ever stock products and product ranges due to their fantastic quality and great unique designs and use fair trade production and organic fabrics. loud+proud well and truly ticks these boxes.

In the four days, we spent at Life InStyle for Kids we had the chance to speak and connect with many people that are involved with baby and children retail businesses.

Here are the biggest key-points that make loud+proud a real winner:

  1. Playful, colourful and out of the box.

Our loud+proud stand clearly stood out from the crowd as the designs are anything but boring. Retailers felt drawn to our bright green stand because of the cute & colourful animal prints & reversible designs. The designs support the imagination and sensory development of babies, toddlers & kids

  1. Fantastic quality with very competitive pricing.

Initially, it was the design that caught the attention of the searching retailer. However, after coming closer and touching the organic fabrics everyone was amazed by their quality. As well as the very competitive pricing.

  1. Made in Europe

A developing trend has seen an increasing number of retailers steer away from Made in China products. We have seen them actively searching for alternatives such as Europe or Australia. All of loud+proud’s organic baby

and kids clothes are made in Europe. Either in Portugal, Hungary or Germany. And the quality speaks for itself.

  1. GOTS certified production.

From growing & manufacturing the organic cotton in Turkey. To manufacturing the clothes in Portugal, Hungary and Germany. Every product purchased from loud+proud is GOTS certified. GOTS (global organic textile standard) is a worldwide standard for the highest requirements in production chain, material sustainability and fair production requirements.

  1. Age range

loud+proud caters for newborn babies up to size 8 in the colourful prints. They also have a range of basic organic kid’s clothes that even go all the way up to size 14. New as well, is the small range of women’s clothes and underwear that will make a perfect match to their little one’s outfit.

Overall Life InStyle was a fantastic experience and a great way to introduce loud+proud to the Australian Organic Wholesale Market.