December 14, 2017

Organic Cotton & Eco Fashion for Mums

By Verena Barthel
Organic Cotton & Eco Fashion for Mums


More and more mums naturally choose to dress their babies and children in organic clothing because we all want the best for our children, right?

But when it comes down to looking after ourselves as a mother, there is still room for improvement...don’t you think?

How many of us mums truly put as much love and care into ourselves as we tend to do with our family members?

We always go the extra mile, take extra care and are always doing the best we can for our little bundles of joy.

Therefore it is time for us mothers to choose nurturing and self care for exactly the same reasons as we do for our children.

Let’s choose organic cotton and ethical fashion for all of us mums, and take a look at the reasons for buying Eco-fashion, not only for our children...

If you’ve long bought organic food primarily because you’re looking to avoid ingesting toxic chemicals and secondarily because you want to protect waterways and farmers from the effects of those chemicals too, you’re not alone.

According to most research done on the subject, people choose organic because they are concerned about their own health first, and then other issues follow—care for the bodies of the people growing and picking the food, health of ecosystems, flavour, animal welfare, and other concerns come after that.

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For the same reasons we choose organic food we need to choose organic cotton clothes as a way to look after ourselves, family, environment and others.

Well, beyond the fact that ethical clothing companies are much more likely to pay (and treat) workers fairly, and heavy-metal free fabric dyeing and processing is going to be less polluting, there’s also the not-talked-about fact that clothes do carry toxins, and those chemicals can be absorbed into your body through your skin.

A study by Greenpeace that randomly tested clothing from over 20 brands including Adidas, American Apparel, Burberry, Disney, the Gap, H&M, Nike, Primark, Puma and Uniqlo found hazardous chemicals  in the finished products for adults, and for kids (who are more vulnerable to the effects of these chemicals).

This is stuff that disrupts hormones, messes with endocrine function, attacks the immune system and could be carcinogenic. (You can check out the full list of chemicals that Greenpeace suggests removing from clothing manufacturing, the impacts of each, and what they are currently used for here.)


What can you do to avoid these chemicals?

A combination of natural fibers made ethically, like organic cotton, organic cotton muslin & organic wool are healthier for your skin, the planet and other people too.

So let's look 'natural' beautiful and take care of ourselves and the planet one 'mums & bubs' outfit at a time!

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