June 28, 2016

Our New Children

By Verena Barthel
Our New Children

Lately I am getting more and more psychic readings with new mothers or mothers to be and I can clearly see how the world is changing, reflected back at me through there children.

Blog-Our New Children

Most of us, as an evolving soul had many lifetimes here on this planet before.

Therefore in order for us to move forward, evolve and grow generally happens through making? 'mistakes', so we can learn, let go, change & grow.

These days, I noticed more and more souls coming in that don't need this old way of evolving.

They are already complete, don't have any karma and just coming into this lifetime to assist our changing world and move with ease and grace through life.

Knowing what they need and how to look after themselves, knowing how to balance life and heal themselves. What a wonderful thing, isn't it? And they are not alone!

There are lots and lots coming down at the moment to join us and support us to heal this planet & ourselves.

What a wonderful thing, indeed!

Do you feel like you got one of these NEW SOULS with you?

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xxx Verena

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