January 08, 2018

Summer Holiday Craft Activities with your Children

By Verena Barthel
Summer Holiday Craft Activities with your Children

Liz, mother of two wild bundles of energy, is part of our Elves team and felt inspired to share some of here favourite creative holiday activities with us.

Who doesn't love Summer Holidays, right?

Lazy summer mornings, leisurely breakfasts, walks on the beach and plenty of swimming in our local crystal-clear rivers.

However, we know that there will be times when our little cuties will claim to have nothing to do and will need a break indoors, away from the hot summer sun or a rainy day.

How about putting these tiny elves to work creating beautiful pieces of craft.

Here are some of our favourite holiday craft ideas for this season!

1. Finger knitting pictures

Our little Steiner kids just love the sewing, crochet and finger knitting and until recently we had strands of rainbow knitting all over our house.

One day we gathered them all together and decided to use them to create something special.

We purchased some handmade naturally died wool felt squares and started winding the knitting into spirals, securing by sewing it onto the felt with silk of a similar colour to the finger knitting. 

Now we love the sewing as much as the finger knitting!

The pictures were hung from the sticks with some hemp rope.

You can experiment with colours and patterns – how about making place mats or cushion covers on a rainy day?

Elves hint – if you haven’t got into finger knitting yet – check this out – it's easy and fun.


2. Felt Wrapped Soap

These little felt soaps are not only fun to make but they also make a great little gift for a baby shower or a grandparent's birthday (well any birthday really).

We took some super soft handmade goats milk soap from our Australian online baby clothes shop, then lovingly wrapped it in organic merino wool and gently rubbed it in layers with some soapy water.

My little organic kids then left it to dry in a shady spot and the results were amazing.

We decided to test the product ourselves and even the teeny weeny elves have decided that washing ourselves with felt wrapped soap is super fun.



3. Origami Decorations

Our family had some beautiful origami decorations for many years – made in the years when time was endless, and it was no trouble having delicate items around the house.

This year we started practicing these patterns with some recycled paper and the results have been amazing.

If you are inspired and would like to discover the origami master in you, how about some more complicated creations.


4. Beaded Necklaces

We found some beautiful crystal pendants at our local market earlier in the year and decided to match them with some beaded necklaces and turn them into new years presents for our fabulous teachers.

The tiny glass beads are fabulous for developing fine motor skills.

We used extra thin wire with crimps at each end and soon found the children more than capable of doing the whole necklace.

How about getting your little crafty people to put their blanket stitch to good use and sewing up some natural wool felt pouches for the necklaces to go into.

We will definitely do that for ours.


We hope you will have a magical holiday time, enjoying all outdoor and indoor activities together with your family.



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