April 24, 2018

The Art of Dressing Boys

By Verena Barthel
The Art of Dressing Boys


You are going to have a baby boy!

As exciting as this news is I often hear from mamas of baby boys saying that, "But all the cute clothes are made for girls!”

Does that sound familiar to you?

It certainly was for me!

And still, in many ways it is true  - cute organic girl clothes are easier to find and the range seem be slightly broader than what is on the store shelves for boys.

Let’s turn the clock back about 9 years for a moment and look at the humble beginnings of my Elves in the Wardrobe Journey.

Little did I know that while embarking on a journey into motherhood with this information in mind, it would change my life quite substantially.

Having a certain aesthetic appreciation and a deep yearning to raise my first born baby BOY organically, I soon discovered that the world was not quite ready for gorgeous organic baby boys clothes.

Once our news was out in the open and everyone knew we were expecting a baby boy, it paved way for an influx of boys toys and boys clothes.

And when I say that, I mean: Bob the Builder, Sponge Bob, Thomas the Tank Engine and more Australian TV icons. These were in the form of plastic toys and printed on blue, grey or black baby boy clothes and abruptly entered my new motherly world.

What can I say? My sense of aesthetic did not like what was coming my way...not one little bit!

I was in shock and something inside of me was determined to not settle for that.

Reflecting back, that was the actual birthing moment of Elves in the Wardrobe, even if I wasn't aware if it then.

And so it began...my journey of trying to source beautiful and soft organic baby boy clothes had commenced.

Returning home to my family in Germany helped me to discover a flourishing world full of stunning colour palettes that extended beyond the dull blues & blacks and into soft organic cotton and gender neutral prints.


So over the following six years and a the wonderful miracle of a second baby boy, my range of organic baby & small boys clothes slowly expanded. People began to notice the appealing difference and kept asking me where I was buying these wonderful boys clothes from.

As my two gorgeous and wild boys grew, so did my appreciation for good quality organic boys clothes. It is no longer just about the colours, prints and designs.

The brands I found that delivered exactly what I was looking for in boys clothes and are now a fundamental part of Elves in the Wardrobe.

And, if you are a mother of boys, you can understand that their clothing needs are quite different than shopping for a girls outfit.

So what is important to consider when you are dressing your boy?

Here is my list of key qualities I look for when I shop for my boy's clothes:
    • Boys are incredibly active - they love to run, jump, bounce, fight dragons & pirates, build space ships, go treasure hunting, ride their bikes and love to kick a ball around. Therefore, boys clothes need to be comfortable and not restricting of their movements. They need to have a nice shape to give room while chasing after their little brothers or climbing a tree.

    • Because of high levels of activity, boys clothes endure much more wear and tear than girls clothes, so they need to be exceptionally well-made and robust with high quality durable fabrics. That is another great thing about organic children’s clothes - pure cotton will last much longer and is able to withstands even the toughest bike riding adventure.

        • Having a nice and clean boys outfit walk out the door in the morning usually means quite the opposite will return at the end of the day. Usually whatever walks through my door after a long day of learning and playing is anything BUT CLEAN. Boys are messy and are not aware that mud stains do not look so great on white clothes. They just want to play! Organic Cotton clothes have been proven to wash exceptionally well and am able to remove stains without much trouble effort. Once again, due to the nature of pure cotton fabric, the fibre makes the removal of dirt and stains a breeze.

          • I've also found that although boys are active, rough and wild monkey's at times, they are very sensitive little souls. Therefore having fabrics that feel uncomfortable, scratchy and unpleasant on their skin is a big NO. The feel factor is a BIG deal in our family. My boys clothes need to feel good, otherwise they will never make it out of the wardrobe!


            This is just a little summary of my own experience as a mother of two boys and if there is anything you would like to add to the list, I am very excited to hear from you. So feel free to share your experience with us!

            And as always, I know there are exceptions to any 'rules'. I know many girls that require the same qualities as boys need in clothing, and vise versa.

            Enjoy the uniqueness of your children in whatever way it wants to come out.


            Elves in the Wardrobe