December 15, 2016

The Elves in the Wardrobe Organic Baby Shower Gift Guide

By Verena Barthel
The Elves in the Wardrobe Organic Baby Shower Gift Guide

The baby shower is an important rite of passage for the mum-to-be! Our elves have put together a baby shower gift guide to help guests out.

Baby showers are great. Experienced mums can reassure the mum-to-be that her baby is going to be the perfect baby who sleeps through the night from birth (What?... It might happen).

Family and friends can guess the gender and make meaningful name suggestions.

For many guests, a baby shower is also their last opportunity to let the mum-to-be know that they’ll there for her; ready to be enthusiastic about each and every one of her baby’s milestones or to babysit when she needs a well-earned rest.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a party without a few gifts and those cute, teeny, tiny baby items have been known to get their fair share of ‘Ohhh’.

If you’ve got the budget to match your passion, you can go for items like prams, car seats and baby bouncers. But for those on a budget, don’t worry there are plenty of affordable and cheerful gifts out there that will still tick all the boxes. Think organic baby rattles, organic baby hats, organic heating bags and of course, the organic baby onesie!

To get you in the right baby shower mood, we’ve put together the ultimate baby shower gift guide including our top tips for your special present and some of our favourite gift ideas for babies and their mums.

Top Tips

  • Babies grow into crawlers and toddlers very quickly. When buying clothes, aim for sizes 62/68 (3 – 6 months) and above. Some babies will never even see the newborn size, so we suggest you play it safe and buy clothes for 6-15 months+. Here is our general guide to baby clothes sizes: 50/56 (0-3 month olds), 62/68 (3-6 month olds), 74/80 (6-15 month olds), 86/92 (15 months to 24 month).
  • If you do decide to buy for when bubby is a little older, it is important to consider what season it is likely to be when the item does fit. If you go for a size 62/68 or size 74/80, for example, consider what the weather is likely to be about 6 months after the baby is born.
  • Consider practicality – it might be cute, but that jumpsuit with a dozen buttons is going to end up driving everyone crazy.
  • Babies sure are expensive – if you’re game to help the parents-to-be out, consider pooling your money together with other guests and buying a larger group gift.

Organic Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Cheap and cheerful…
• Organic Plush toys
• Rattles
• Comforters
• Books
• Activity mirror
• Birth announcement cards
• Socks
• Shoes
• Clothes
• Nappies
• Wall art
• Milestone cards
A bit more… (but still under $100)
• Nappy Wallet
• Mobile
• Wall Art
• Cot sets
• White noise CD’s
• Birth prints
• Baby booties
• Baby calmer
• Sleeping bag
• Pram accessories
• First aid kit
Splash out…
• Moses basket
• Nappy bags
• Cot sets
• Baby blanket
• Personalised jewellery
• Play mat
• High chairs
• Toddler swing
• Baby carrier
Baby bouncer

Our Favourite Organic Baby Shower Gifts

Baby Blessing Hamper

Organic Baby Shower

by Bellingen Picnic Company

Are you looking for a gift that looks after both mum and baby but want to avoid the traditional pastel pink and blue hampers?  Well, here it is!  The perfect gift that looks after both mum and baby. For baby, there is an adorable organic unisex loud+proud onesie and a soft cuddly toy that doubles as a lavender infused heat/cool pack. To help ensure restful nights for all involved, there are handmade soaps from soap cakes that are gentle enough even for newborn skin. There are also Drishti Dream Walker Tea Light Candles.  Mum can relax with a cup of Aum Noms Faeries Rest Tea in a handmade ceramic mug by Gloria Malone.  There's also nourishing Botanical Blessings Belly Balm and the Revitalising Rose Face Mist that can freshen up even the most sleep deprived of new mums.

Feel & rattle

Organic Baby Soft Rattle Banana by Nanchen Natur

You can never start to early on the fruits & vegies!

Especially when they are as cute looking, organic and always fresh like this organic soft toy rattle by German Eco Label Nanchen Natur.

They also help with the sensory development of your baby.

Snuggle Bunny

organic baby toy

Organic Plush Toy ‘Dancing Marie’ by Nanchen Nature

Everyone needs one, we reckon. Your first best friend! Even my almost 8 years old son Enam still carries ‘Mr. Mousy ‘ everywhere and rubs his nose when he goes to sleep every night. Mr. Mousy was his first snuggle toy, given by his grandparents when he was a baby.

Organic Baby Onesie & Hat Combo

Organic Baby Hat

By German Eco label loud+proud

We love the unisex designs by loud+proud as it gives you almost endless possibilities to mix & match clothes, accessories & outfits. You can start with the organic baby onesie & reversible hat combo and than slowly upgrade to the matching reversible pants, jumpsuits, jackets & shirts. What a fun way to grow together!