January 19, 2018

The right family holiday clothes for Australia's hot & humid climate

By Verena Barthel
The right family holiday clothes for Australia's hot & humid climate


Summer Holidays have well & truly arrived and everyone is spreading their wings to get ready for the annual family vacation.

It is a time that we all look forward to, but planning this special time of the year can be a real challenge & stressful at times.

Especially if you have a bigger family and have to be organised for everyone.

If you are planning a trip with your kids in Australia during the summer holidays, it will most likely be most hot or humid or both.

When it comes down to packing your children’s clothes you may be wondering what is best holiday clothing to pack for this type of climate, right?

Hot and humid Summers, means that it can be difficult to know the sort of holiday clothing you and your children might need. The Summer heat and humidity means you all might be getting hot, bothered and sweaty! That takes the fun out of any family adventure, especially when traveling with babies & toddlers.

If the humidity is high, then the sweat on our bodies will evaporate slower, meaning that we stay hotter and can feel more uncomfortable!

There are couple of things to think about when packing your kids holiday clothing for a hot and humid climate in Australia:

1. What are appropriate clothing for kids in Australia during summer time?

2. Will you be doing some sightseeing, a relaxed beach holiday or some outdoor camping & bush adventures?

3. What activities are you going to be doing and work out what sort of clothing you might need.

4. Think lightweight – not only in what you are carrying on you but also the lightweight clothing too.

Follow our Elves in the Wardrobe Do’s and Don'ts for keeping your kids and their clothes cool in a humid climate in Australia

Do pack organic cotton, muslin cotton, linen fabrics, or a blend of both, in your holiday clothing as these natural fabrics are excellent at allowing your body to breathe as much as possible.

They are great materials for allowing the air to flow around the skin which creates a cooling effect, plus these fabrics absorb the sweat from your body which in turn keeps you feeling more dry and comfortable.

Don’t pack silk or wool fabrics, these retain heat and are therefore not a good idea.

Do pack loose fitting clothing that doesn’t cling to your body, this allows the airflow to move around your body which makes the moisture and sweat evaporate keeping you cooler overall. 

Maxi dresses, loose shorts, loose fitted overalls, oversized jumpsuits & onesies, light weight organic muslin cotton shirts & blouses to protect the delicate skin from the hot sun & loose fitted linen pants are a must for your children's Summer holiday wardrobe.

Don’t pack jumpers and cardigans, other than on the flight you really won’t need them, so a good choice is a nice cotton or muslin oversized scarf or wrap, that can be used to wrap up your kids to keep them warm on a chilly over air-conditioned plane, and is a good option if you do get the odd chilly evening or as cover up from those dreaded mozzies in the evening.

Do pack some leather sandals, again another natural fabric which will keep tiny feet cool and looking good. Thongs are a great option too if you must, but your feet will get hot and sweaty if they are made from synthetic materials, so you might find your feet slipping around!

So remember the golden rule for your family's holiday clothing - Think organic, natural and loose, both in fabric and fit and you will stay cool in those hot and humid places.

Enjoy your Holidays.


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