April 10, 2018

Caring For Your Baby's Organic Woolen Clothes

By Verena Barthel
Caring For Your Baby's Organic Woolen Clothes

Winter time is Wool time!

 ...as the days are becoming shorter, leaves are falling and temperatures slowly dropping, most of us are starting to feel a deep-seeded need for rugging and snuggling up - especially with our little ones.

Naturally, we stir towards anything warm and cozy rather than light and breathable. We tend to choose clothes that will keep our baby's body temperature stable without overheating, but still insulates and protect our precious little ones against the cold.

Which naturally brings us to Organic Merino Wool

To keep these and many other amazing abilities of organic merino wool, it does need to be looked after.

However, many tend to shy away from the idea of woolen clothes as they feel overwhelmed by the prospect of ‘looking after’ the wool and maintaining its beauty and quality without ruining it.

To take the scare factor out of woolen baby clothes, we have put together some useful tips on the care of woolen clothes, so you can enjoy this incredible fibre for many years to come.


1. How to wash woolen baby & kids clothes

Washing wool isn’t any more complicated than washing your hair as wool is hair too.

Everything our hair doesn’t like during a wash, neither does wool. For example,  using too hot water or too cold water for rinsing, an aggressive shampoo or extensive lathering and grating. If you treat natural wool just like you would treat your own hair, nothing can go wrong.


2. Do I have to wash a recently bought woolen baby outfit before using it for the first time? 

No, you don’t need to wash your woolen article before using it for the first time. Since all of our organic woolen baby and kids online clothing range are almost entirely free of chemicals and don’t contain any harmful or questionable substances to children, there’s no need to wash them first.

You can rug up your baby immediately and enjoy!


3. How often do I need to wash my babies woolen clothes?

The least possible - wool and water aren't the best of friends and therefore a wash should take place infrequently.

Wool is self-cleaning.

Wool fibres have an extraordinary surface that rejects dirt particles, as well as bad odors and sweat.

Airing is enough to remove the dirt particles from the surface and to make the woolen article hygienically clean. You may have witnessed the same effect when wearing a woolen jumper or ski underwear. Those articles only need to be aired overnight and are good as new the next day.

Does this sound like magic to you? Yes, it might be and it certainly works!


4. Can I wash my baby's woolen clothes in the washing machine?

Yes, as almost all modern washing machines have a wool wash program. However,  many are designed differently and can be programmed to automatically spin up to 1200 rotations during the wool setting - that’s way too much for wool.

Also, the temperature often varies between +/- 10c. A 30c wash can quickly turn into a 40c wash. Wool won’t hold out against such temperatures.

Therefore, make sure to change the options to a cold wash and a slow, gentle spin or no spinning at all!


5. How can I hand wash my woolen article in the best way?

Infrequently and with care! Here is a simple guideline:

  • It’s best to hand wash the articles in your bathroom’s sink or a little tub as it has the right volume and an ergonomic working height.
  • You also need a mild wool shampoo, a terry cloth and a small tub for the wet wool articles.
  • Add lukewarm water into the sink - this means about 25c. You can use  a baby thermometer to estimate the right temperature.
  • Add wool shampoo according to the dispense instruction on the package. Now you can put the dirty woolen article into the water.
  • Heavy stains can be carefully treated with ox-gall soap beforehand, which is known as a natural stain remover. Slightly push the article carefully and repeat the process a few times - don't wring or rub it, simply push it a few times, max. 1-2 minutes, that’s all.
  • Remove the woolen article from the washing water and rinse it carefully with fresh water at the same temperature (also 25c, nothing colder). To remove the rinse water from the article, squeeze it with utmost care.
  • Woolen articles mustn’t dry in a hanging position as the shape can become distorted, instead dry in a flat position. A drying rack will be perfect.
  • Pull the wet article carefully in shape and place it on the terry cloth ready to dry. Don’t dry your woolen article placed on a heating or in strong sunlight. This will harm the fibres. A shady, well ventilated place is perfect.


6. Which wool detergent am I allowed to use for my organic unisex baby clothes?

We highly recommend a wool shampoo. It is perfectly adjusted to the care of natural wool articles, strengthening and protecting fabrics such as lace, merino and silk. It is suitable for hand or machine washing in top or front loaders.

Choose detergents containing plant and mineral based ingredients wherever possible. These pH balanced detergents are not only effective cleaners, but also kinder to skin, making it suitable for those with sensitive skin or allergies. 


7. What is ox-gall soap?

Ox-gall soap is a natural stain remover that  should only be applied to the stained area as it can also remove the article’s colour. Therefore, we recommend to test the soap on a barely visible spot before removing the desired stain.

The article must be dry before applying the ox-gall soap to the stain with your finger. Softly rub the soap into the fibres and allow to briefly absorb before washing it following the guidelines above.

Note that Ox-gall soap can burn your eyes and mucous membranes, therefore, must be kept out of children’s reach.


8. Help! My husband/ my grandma tried to help and washed the woolen baby clothes that I just recently bought online in the washing machine at 60c by mistake….

Now, the woolen article has shrunk by two sizes and is totally matted.

What can I do?

Matting and shrinking is a chemical and physical process that cannot be reversed. Unfortunately, the article is destroyed. Your only option will be to buy a new one.

Woolen articles with a minor shrinking can be pulled carefully into shape again, in a water bath at 25c. Take care not to damage the stitches and allow the article to dry on a hanger. 

This method often helps rescue a woolen baby outfit that has shrunk slightly.

We hope that you enjoy the upcoming cold season and stay perfectly rugged up.

If you are still looking for some inspiration on how to get your baby boy or girl snug as a bug for the cooler months, here are some ideas.


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