June 28, 2016

Why This Single Mum Goes Organic

By Verena Barthel
Why This Single Mum Goes Organic

As a single mum of two beautiful daughters, I exhibit the standard behaviour you might expect.

This includes being fiercely protective of my children.

My maternal instincts operate in overdrive as I make daily decisions to keep them healthy, safe and happy.

It is due to this inherent parental pledge that I discovered (and fell in love with) Elves In The Wardrobe and their adorable, organic offerings.
You may be shaking your head in disbelief as you put two and two together and make five.

Single mum? Organic?

Well, let me set the record straight here. I recently purchased a new couch.

Having saved for months, it was my pride and joy.

I purchased fabric protector and insurance.

I set hard, fast rules, such as no food or drink near it.

I loved it and planned to protect it.

Well, multiply this situation a million-fold and apply it, not to new furniture, but to our children.

From the moment our beautiful babies enter the world we do everything within our power to protect them.

Did you know our babies skin is 20-30% thinner than ours?

This means external irritants, such as fabric dyes and pesticides, penetrate more easily.

So introduce them gently to our planet by swaddling them in soft, snuggly, chemical-free fabrics.

Don't purchase heaps of cheap, synthetic blankets.

Just one 100% natural Leela Cotton Baby Blanket, is all you need.


As our babies turn from bountiful bundles to crawling cuties, a new search begins.

We want a well thought-out wardrobe of comfy clothes.

We also want our thriving toddlers to be safe from chemicals

and toxins passing directly from synthetic materials into their brand-new bodies.

By this stage I knew exactly where to find what I was after.

Elves In The Wardrobe ticks all my boxes.

A happy hour of unrefined retail therapy finds me all I need.

But my OMG its soooo cute item has to be the Loud & Proud Snail T-shirt.



It doesn't stop there.

As children grow into free-thinking little people, picking their wardrobe may become a battle of wills.

I have two daughters ... need I say more.

Yet early education of our youngsters is key. Give them an understanding of organic.

Allow them to take pride in the clothes they wear.

Listen as they inform their friends how their clothes make the world a better place.

The Elves In The Wardrobe offering for your jolly juvenile is very cool.

Not a scratchy, shapeless cheesecloth in sight.

My top wear, wear and wear again item are the Kissa 3/4 Pants.

My youngest daughter would happily live in them!



For me, the cherry on the organic clothing cake, is the fact that everything is exceptional quality, hard wearing and machine washable.

This means .. they last!

For this reason, they fetch a good second hand price too.

So sell them on and share the organic clothing love, while recouping some costs.
You see, its all about priorities really.

Yes, I'm a single mum.

I have to make hard choices based on lack of funds and time in my kid-crazy world.

But my children are No. 1. Some day I will have to let them go.

If I have done everything in my power to give them the best start in life,

whilst protecting the planet which is their future ... then my job has been done.
Lucy Good from Beanstalk Single Mums

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