June 28, 2016

Why You Should Buy Safe and Beautiful Organic Kids Clothes Online?

By Verena Barthel
Why You Should Buy Safe and Beautiful Organic Kids Clothes Online?

As a parent, buying clothes for your baby can be both a pleasure and a challenge. It gives many mothers great joy choosing outfits and dressing their children. We love looking at different styles, colours and designs but we rarely stop to think about how they are made. Are you aware of what synthetic chemicals and toxins are in your baby's clothing? Before you buy that beautiful baby jacket online, take a look at what its made from.

The Lowdown on Synthetic Chemicals in Clothing Production

The reality is that clothing manufacturers use production techniques that include toxins. There are thousands of synthetic chemicals that are used in clothing that can cause a range of medical illnesses. These synthetic chemicals find their way into your clothing through the dying process and pesticides on natural materials like wool and cotton.

Fast Facts on Harmful Chemicals in your Clothes

Up to 8,000 different synthetic materials are used in clothes

The US does not synthetic regulate chemicals in clothes like other countries

Chinese-made clothing is a main culprit of toxic clothing

Toxins find their way into your child's body through the skin

Non-organic clothes can cause skin conditions, infertility and cancer

Understand the Medical Risks

Synthetic chemicals used in non-organic clothing include formaldehyde, which is allowed in the US. There have been several court cases brought against clothing retailers for selling products that use this chemical. Other chemicals are carcinogenic whilst others are skin irritants and can cause such skin conditions as dermatitis. Other symptoms include, fatigue, nausea, headache, itching and respiratory problems.

Clothing to Avoid

There are certain types of clothing that rely on synthetic chemicals more than others. Polyester, acrylic and nylon are all highly flammable. Do not take the risk by dressing your children in these fabrics. Avoid synthetic garments advertised as waterproof or wrinkle-free. Buying synthetic waterproof and Teflon baby jackets online should to be avoided.

What Exactly is Organic Kids Clothing?

Organic kids clothes are not made from synthetic materials. This means they are made from natural fabrics like cotton and wool, and less commonly silk or hemp. There are no chemicals in dyes and no chemicals used for waterproofing or non-wrinkle coating. Organic baby clothes are entirely natural in the sense that the material is grown naturally without pesticides and is essentially unchanged from when it was grown to the point at which it is available for sale.

Why your Baby is At Risk

We are all at risk from the chemicals found in synthetic clothing but our babies are especially at risk. Our baby's skin is more delicate and porous and needs more care and attention. So when you're buying a baby's jacket online or that cute little jumper, take look at whether it is organic or not. When it comes to organic baby clothing, a general rule of thumb is to avoid synthetic materials at all costs and if in doubt stick to cotton. Whilst cotton often has pesticides used in the growing phase, these are usually washed away in the manufacturing process. It is best practice, however to identify reputable organic baby clothing retailers who can guarantee their products are organic.